TALK REVIEW: Brian Friel Lecture

 TALK REVIEW: Brian Friel Lecture
Brian Friel
At Queen’s University, Professor Shaun Richards reveals how Irish playwrights have moved on from the cottage kitchen

Recognised as a leading authority on Irish drama, Professor Shaun Richards has enjoyed a distinguished career as an academic with an international profile. His book Writing Ireland, which was co-authored with David Cairns in 1988, became standard reading for a generation of scholars working in the field of Irish Studies.

In 2004, Richards edited the Cambridge Companion to Irish Drama and his new book,Mapping Ireland: Theories of Space and Place, co-authored with Christopher Morash, is scheduled to be published later this year. Currently working at St Mary’s University College, London, Richards makes the journey to Belfast to deliver the fourth annual Brian Friel Lecture at Queen’s University, which he has entitled Exhausting the Form: The Spectre of Realism in Irish Drama.

Dr Paul Murphy of Queen’s University introduces Richards, recalling his first encounter with his former tutor as a first-year undergraduate student who, along with his peers, was perplexed and dismayed by Beckett’s Waiting for Godot until Richards explained the nature and function of the play. Murphy notes Richards’ excellence as a teacher, and concludes his introduction by describing Richards as ‘one of the finest scholars of Irish drama of his generation’.

TALK REVIEW: Brian Friel Lecture

To read the full review on Culture NI click the link below

Talk Review: Brian Friel Lecture


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