Interval Drinks

interval drinks

Staropramen Lager @ QFT, Belfast

A refreshing lager from the Czech Republic.

The beer was an obvious choice – being QFT’s beer of the month (£2)

Staropramen poors golden in colour with a thickish white head. It is very light in body and flavor with a light, lingering bitterness.

Easy to drink due to its moderate carbonation.





Scullion’s Irish Ale (Hilden) @ Lyric Theatre, Belfast

This is another amber ale from Hilden Brewery in Lisburn.

Scullion’s is a lot lighter in colour to it’s Hilden Halt counterpart.

It has a similar taste of honey but doesn’t quite pack the punch of the Hidden Halt. Very smooth to drink aided by its small foamy head but not overly memorable.

A nice beer but would choose the Hilden Halt over it every time.





Titanic Quarter Beer @ Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast (19/02/13)

After watching  Queen’s University Players production of 100 – a play which asks its audience to think of a memory they might chooseto relive for eternity – a beer was certainly required.

I chose Hilden Brewry’s Titanic Quarter Beer to aid me in my search for my eternal memory.

TQB was specially commissioned to mark the regeneration of the Queen’s Island site.

The beer pours golden with an off white head.  It has a flavour of light hops with a hint of honey.

TQB tastes slightly bitter but rather ‘watery’ too. Nothing particularly special – not one to re-visit.





Asahi Beer @ Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast ( 7/02/13)

A great interval drink and made even more enjoyable at £2.

Beer of the Month at QFT* – Asahi – Japan’s leading selling beer.

An indistinctive blend of malted barley and hops, it’s refreshing and crisp but towards the end of the bottle it can taste watered down and flat.

At £2 it’s hard to fault but I wouldn’t rush back to it again.

* QFT are offering a new beer every month for the special price of £2. Keep your eyes peeled for more cheap beers.





Hilden Hidden Halt* @ The Lyric Theatre, Belfast ( 5/02/13)

Not so much ‘interval’ drink as the play only lasted 70 minutes but rather a pre-show drink – and a fine one at that.

A full bodied amber ale from Ireland’s oldest independent brewery – Hilden based in Lisburn, County Antrim.

At 6.1%, one should be careful of how much they drink of it.

* Named after the old linen mill train stop.